Stirling Studios is equipped with fiber, satellite and IP connectivity,
allowing efficient delivery of client’s productions. VISTA Worldlink is a point of presence
on many industry leaders’ fiber networks and earth stations expanding Stirling’s transmission capabilities around the globe.

  • Bi-Directional Fiber Circuits

    Co-located with VISTA Worldlink, Stirling is proud to be connected to the following partner fiber networks: Arqiva, Intelsat, Hibernia, Level-3 and The Switch.

    Satellite Distribution

    The Stirling Studios Facility is able to transmit, receive and monitor satellite signals anywhere around the world.

    Internet Broadcasting

     VISTA has dedicated Internet bandwidth for Live streaming complemented with redundant encoders for dynamic bit rate delivery available to all Stirling clients. 

    IP Transport


    Stirling Studios is equipped with LTN IP transport and proprietary IP delivery technology (VTA by VISTA).

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