Stirling Studios, an Interactive broadcast facility, able to send and receive content around the world is equipped to produce live and recorded content within both sound stages.  Packaged with world class customer service, Stirling is a full service production facility. 

  • Multi camera production

    Live or recorded Multi-camera production services are available in both SD or HD.


    Crewing fulfillment available from large to small requests.

    Video Editing

    Stirling Studios is equipped with Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere private editing suites available with or without a Stirling provided editor.

  • Tape Play Out

    Stirling Studios provides services in various formats:  XDCAM, HDCAM, DVCPROHD, Digibeta, BetaSP, Digital File (FTP & SSD).


    Stirling Studios provides both
    tape and digital files. 

    Live Shots & SMTs

    Stirling Studios is fully equipped for Live Shots and Satellite Media Tours, producing multiple Live shots and SMTs on a daily and weekly basis.

  • Internet Broadcasting - Streaming

    Streaming:  Stirling Studios offers professionally encoded Live and On Demand Internet Broadcasting, with or without Content Delivery Network.

    FTP Delivery

    FTP delivery is available to send and distribute digital files from the Stirling facility.

    Digital Archiving

    Stirling Studios offers a service platform for managing the long-term health & accessibility of content. Our team migrates and preserves existing libraries to digital assets for viewing content on demand. 

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